Tuesday, March 28, 2017

AB NightVision Inc. MOD3-B (Bravo) Modular Goggle Bridge (Improved Version)

AB NightVision Inc. 


Modular Goggle Bridge 

(Improved Version)

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 photo MOD3-B 2_zpszjt9ickx.jpg  photo MOD3-B 3_zpsivmtgllj.jpg  photo MOD3-B 4_zpssevbmdd0.jpg  photo MOD3-B 5_zpsviruy6or.jpg  photo MOD3-B 6_zpsordbvo8v.jpg  photo MOD3-B 7_zps258lephw.jpg  photo MOD3-B 8_zpspvfwxqks.jpg  photo MOD3-B 9_zpstgher1ki.jpg photo MOD3-B 11_zpssujamzgg.jpg  photo MOD3-B 17_zpsgmdeq1bx.jpg  photo MOD3-B 18_zpshjevlftp.jpg  photo MOD3-B 20_zps1tgfixf8.jpg  photo MOD3-B 19_zpsjhgiysaz.jpg
 photo MOD3-B 10_zpsya2g4rh7.jpg photo MOD3-B 16_zpsb3atedaq.jpg  photo MOD3-B 15_zpseqxhtwju.jpg  photo MOD3-B 12_zps6capmjou.jpg  photo MOD3-B 13_zpsekypqpfg.jpg  photo MOD3-B 14_zpsgcnd3lmt.jpg

Comparison between Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic, Ops-Core Maritime Ballistic and Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic

Comparison between 

Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic, 

Ops-Core Maritime Ballistic 


Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic

 photo Comparison Helmets 1_zpsniebxret.jpg  photo Comparison Helmets 2_zpsb69kremh.jpg  photo Comparison Helmets 3_zpsgj6ek9wy.jpg  photo Comparison Helmets 4_zpsolhdmj9y.jpg  photo Comparison Helmets 7_zpsz9cx0pwn.jpg  photo Comparison Helmets 6_zpsqq8gfbb6.jpg  photo Comparison Helmets 5_zps85dqzset.jpg

OPS-CORE Skull Crusher UFP (Universal Front Plate) 2 different mounting Shroud


Skull Crusher UFP 

(Universal Front Plate) 

2 different mounting Shroud

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 photo IMG_20170328_174326_zpsq24qommx.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 1_zps2lotccxu.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 2_zpshbircpab.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 3_zpsnucqvtxe.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 6_zpshsiji76x.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 5_zpsld5suen5.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 4_zpsyfzh0ksh.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 9_zps6znkjtms.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 8_zps2dcqptfj.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 7_zpst5mvwp7y.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 11_zpsjdhu6rrv.jpg  photo Ops-core skull crusher 10_zps0qq6juex.jpg

TEAM WENDY EXFIL Ballistic boltless CAM FIT


EXFIL Ballistic 

boltless CAM FIT

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 photo Team Wendy 1_zps08oatcky.jpg  photo Team Wendy 2_zps1lggqspy.jpg  photo Team Wendy 3_zps3rjsdkbr.jpg  photo Team Wendy 4_zpsjtwuftbv.jpg  photo Team Wendy 5_zpsefedf8em.jpg photo Team Wendy 10_zpsm2i8rxlb.jpg
 photo Team Wendy 6_zpsntjqjwq7.jpg photo Team Wendy 7_zpsunoyrncr.jpg  photo Team Wendy 9_zpsyy5lnxt9.jpg  photo Team Wendy 8_zpsdth0qova.jpg  photo Team Wendy Ballistic 1_zpsfuzzretz.jpg  photo Team Wendy Ballistic 2_zps8tnfb00y.jpg  photo Team Wendy Ballistic 4_zpsodijmia4.jpg  photo Team Wendy Ballistic 3_zpsayam6ehx.jpg  photo Team Wendy Ballistic 5_zpsojnarlmq.jpg  photo image1_zpsjehdjxty.jpeg  photo image2_zpstt1vq4su.jpeg  photo image3_zpskczo8uac.jpeg