Friday, December 21, 2018

OASYS Technology BAE Systems SKEETIR-L Thermal mono sight, Credit card size weapons mountable (WILCOX G03 Flip Mount) and Helmet

OASYS Technology

BAE Systems

SKEETIR-L Thermal mono sight

Credit card size weapons mountable 
(WILCOX G03 Flip Mount)


Helmet mountable

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 photo SKEETIR 1_zpsh9jhiyiz.jpg  photo SKEETIR 20_zpsq9zgscst.jpg  photo SKEETIR 4_zps1xf9huzx.jpg
 photo SKEETIR 5_zpso5wmzxjt.jpg
 photo SKEETIR 6_zpsyby4evcy.jpg  photo SKEETIR 8_zps2qrzywcm.jpg  photo SKEETIR 7_zpsx0fakcm4.jpg  photo SKEETIR 10_zps7qgkpa0e.jpg  photo SKEETIR 13_zpsraeslawl.jpg  photo SKEETIR 12_zpsapqxiizn.jpg  photo SKEETIR 9_zps8rmy0uyd.jpg  photo SKEETIR 11_zpszpfw85gv.jpg  photo SKEETIR 14_zpsmanbhjtz.jpg  photo SKEETIR 15_zpswyynm3dh.jpg  photo SKEETIR 18_zpst069ikqj.jpg  photo SKEETIR 3_zpsh4bzphwf.jpg  photo SKEETIR 2_zps4ohualus.jpg  photo SKEETIR 28_zpsss6ru4u7.jpg  photo SKEETIR 29_zpsucwatzur.jpg  photo SKEETIR 30_zpsncnnrtlh.jpg  photo SKEETIR 32_zpsa0sfdwmk.jpg  photo SKEETIR 31_zps7zgp99lm.jpg  photo SKEETIR 26_zpsxuqn1ktm.jpg
 photo SKEET 1_zpskhkcugg2.jpg  photo SKEET 2_zpsfwte7doh.jpg  photo SKEET 3_zpsmrp0q9br.jpg  photo SKEET 4_zps4z5blrhh.jpg  photo SKEET 5_zps3q6dk7mj.jpg  photo SKEET 6_zpsoxfhgqzr.jpg  photo SKEET 7_zps06buj2sd.jpg  photo SKEET 8_zpsefw6lmdx.jpg  photo SKEET 9_zpskdpcuz6y.jpg  photo SKEET 10_zpstbv4siqb.jpg  photo SKEET 11_zpsgrpqbwga.jpg photo SKEET 12_zpsuofhqqgs.jpg photo SKEET 13_zpsmhiqevcm.jpg

ELCAN Specter DR 1x/4x DUAL ROLE COMBAT SIGHT with upgraded battery house (cr2032)

ELCAN Specter DR 1x/4x



upgraded battery house

(Single cr2032 battery).

A single CR2032 will provide 600+ hours of

daylight bright illumination of the center dot, or

6000 hours of the whole reticle at low light.

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 photo Elcan1-4x 1_zpsincvpo4g.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 2_zpso9v41tjn.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 3_zpswhbynaon.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 4_zpsrazplwht.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 5_zpsjdz9fjis.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 6_zpsqbjwborg.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 7_zpsh7oomfjm.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 8_zpsvvsrdpg8.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 11_zpspqmglimg.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 9_zpsl606jdxm.jpg  photo Elcan1-4x 10_zpsrpadu0yo.jpg