Monday, November 18, 2013

Thales Lucie Night Vision XD-4 tubes like Gen3 (omni 5)

Thales Lucie Night Vision

XD-4 tubes 

like Gen3 (omni 5)

Read pdf here:

 photo WtsThalesLucieNVG3.jpg  photo WtsThalesLucieNVG2.jpg

 photo WTSThalesLuciewithXR-5tube9.jpg

 photo WtsThalesLucieNVG5.jpg  photo WTSLucieThalesset.jpg  photo wtsluciethales7.jpg  photo WtsThalesLucieNVG12.jpg  photo wtsluciethales4.jpg  photo wtsluciethales5.jpg  photo wtsluciethales6.jpg  photo wtsluciethales3.jpg  photo SL550139-1.jpg  photo SL550135-1.jpg  photo SL550134-1.jpg  photo WTSThalesLuciewithXR-5tube10.jpg  photo WTSThalesLuciewithXR-5tube14.jpg  photo WTSThalesLuciewithXR-5tube15.jpg  photo WTSThalesLuciewithXR-5tube1.jpg

and a homemade custom helmet mount

 photo LucieNVG6.jpg photo LucieNVG7.jpg  photo LucieNVG9.jpg  photo LucieNVG8.jpg  photo LucieNVG4.jpg  photo LucieNVG3.jpg


Its not that big, almost the same size as a PVS-14

The LUCIE is MUCH better then a pvs-7 because u don’t get the tunnel view and it has 51 degrees

view (pvs-7 and 14 has only 40 degrees view)