Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sentinel Binocular Night Vision System - L-3 OMNI VIII ITT Gen 3 Autogated Pinnacle Up-Armored Aviation-Style Goggle

Sentinel Binocular Night Vision System 


ITT Gen 3 Autogated Pinnacle 

Up-Armored Aviation-Style Goggle

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 photo Sentinel4_zps1ac9aa7d.jpg  photo Sentinel5_zpsb55d09de.jpg  photo Sentinel6_zps122bfbfd.jpg  photo Sentinel7_zps6b89db4a.jpg  photo Sentinel8_zps5ed4a71d.jpg  photo Sentinel9_zpsd96c7531.jpg  photo Sentinel10_zpsedb14068.jpg  photo Sentinel11_zps76fac4d5.jpg  photo Sentinel17_zps05a877fd.jpg  photo Sentinel15_zps77e36d7f.jpg  photo Sentinel16_zps5126a567.jpg

Actaully the Sentinel has 2 IR lights.. one is "Flood" style like PVS-7 and PVS-14 and the other is "Spot" and it looks really cool... check picture below

 photo unnamed_zps78cecfbf.jpg  photo unnamed1_zpsc4152e49.jpg

Comparison with a ANVIS

 photo Sentinel12_zps17f0363f.jpg  photo Sentinel13_zpscdadf9d0.jpg  photo Sentinel14_zps37e58204.jpg  photo Sentinel18_zps9a6872d2.jpg  photo Sentinel19_zps62301c2c.jpg  photo Sentinel20_zps6785c14b.jpg  photo Sentinel21_zpsdadad076.jpg  photo Sentinel23_zpsdebbc156.jpg  photo Sentinel25_zpsc59397a2.jpg  photo Sentinel26_zps639dd315.jpg  photo Sentinel28_zpsce91962c.jpg  photo Sentinel27_zps599dbd03.jpg

And Black Sentinel looks cool too

 photo Sentinel1_zps73034185.jpg photo Sentinel2_zps7ef76a6a.jpg  photo Sentinel3_zps59c08d5f.jpg  photo Sentinel4_zpse7511ebf.jpg  photo Sentinel5_zps9326cbd0.jpg  photo Sentinel7_zps469f9c3c.jpg