Monday, July 7, 2014

BCO-003 - 4x32 BROWE® Combat Optic w/ .223 Crosshair Reticle Flat Dark Earth with Green reticle... Comes with Killflash and Custom Docter/Fastfire/MRDS mount

BCO-003 - 

4x32 BROWE® 

Combat Optic w/ .223 Crosshair Reticle 

Flat Dark Earth 


Green reticle

Comes with Killflash and Custom Docter/Fastfire/MRDS mount

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 photo BROVERCO1_zps60b7f6c5.jpg  photo BROVERCO6_zpsfad5c79e.jpg  photo BROVERCO18_zpsfa66003e.jpg  photo BROVERCO17_zpsa16ed0e3.jpg  photo BROVERCO2_zps9e193923.jpg  photo BROVERCO4_zpsa03c62c7.jpg  photo BROVERCO5_zps4d3ef347.jpg  photo BROVERCO3_zps780756ff.jpg  photo BROVERCO15_zpse209a8bb.jpg

Comparison with a TA31H-G 4x32 Acog

 photo BROVERCO12_zps5849ce9a.jpg  photo BROVERCO10_zps0027cf03.jpg  photo BROVERCO9_zps154db004.jpg  photo BROVERCO11_zpsb88d4c77.jpg  photo BROVERCO13_zps4b603d47.jpg

BROWE Reticle 

 photo BROVERCO14_zps74bffd28.jpg

Trijicon Reticle 

 photo BROVERCO16_zps36ed6c9c.jpg