Friday, June 19, 2015

Night Vision Nitrogen Purge Kit with Adapter for PVS-7, PVS-14, MUM-14/MINI-14 and ANVIS-6 & 9 - AN/AVS, Sentinel, MOD-3 Night Vision Devices

Night Vision 

Nitrogen Purge Kit 


Adapter for 

PVS-7, PVS-14, 


ANVIS-6 & 9 - AN/AVS, 




Night Vision Devices

The Purge Kit is a portable and efficient kit used to evacuate air

 from the night vision device and 

backfill the system 

with dry nitrogen.

 This procedure eliminates contaminants 

moisture that 

can degrade optical performance of the 

night vision device.  

 photo Purge kit 1_zpsmyb1irja.jpg photo Purge kit 2_zpsxu1uy3yr.jpg  photo Purge kit 4_zps6qyfk70b.jpg  photo Purge kit 3_zpsxdkmup07.jpg  photo Purge kit 6_zpsersfuzil.jpg  photo Purge kit 5_zpsmwxw0bjv.jpg  photo Purge PVS-7 1_zpsecnyqagt.jpg  photo Purge PVS-7 2_zpsftclnoco.jpg  photo mini-14_zpsnbgscqru.jpg  photo IMG_20150719_001017_zpsigrwobxk.jpg  photo IMG_20151112_020751_zpsse0ryhmt.jpg  photo IMG_20151111_163129_zpsgzks2xqf.jpg  photo IMG_20151111_163139_zpsajoospur.jpg